What's Included with the Licensing

All purchase options include: (a) an unlimited duration to use the license for business purposes in accordance with the EULA, (b) the ability to use all compiled versions of the licensed tool(s) that we make available (whether 32 or 64 bit, Windows, Linux or OS-X), and (c) 1 year of software updates/maintenance.

Payment Options

If purchasing via the website, credit card payment is required. Website purchases are processed within one business day. For those customers that do not wish to purchase by credit card, we offer two other forms of payment: (a) check and (b) bank wire transfer. Contact our office at info@tzworks.net for details. After payment is received, licenses are issued via email to the address submitted during payment.

Product Options

We offer 3 options for tool purchases: (a) Bundle licenses, (b) Individual tool licenses, and (c) Site licenses. The bundle packages are the cheapest when considering the cost for the number of tools included. Conversely, the individual tool purchases are the most expensive.

   Website Bundle

The Website Bundle is priced for one user to use any combination of the tools licensed in the bundle. The pricing of the bundle is discounted over the purchasing of the individuals tools. As an added benefit, Website bundle license holders enjoy using new tools as they are release and added to the bundle during the maintenance period without an additional charge.

If you are authorized for GSA transactions, then you can visit GSA Advantage and purchase the Website Bundle directly with a credit card at the GSA rate. Purchase Website Bundle on GSA Advantage.

   Individual Tool Purchases

Each tool is priced to include one license. The license gives the end user access to any version of the compiled tool.

Site License

The license is customized to your organization's needs. If you have a team of analysts, you can purchase one license for your team to use. If you have an admin that needs to perform analysis across many endpoints in an enterprise, a site license can be a cost effective way to handle this. Any combination of tools can included in the license. Basically, we offer two types of site licenses: (1) term licenses or (2) perpetual licenses. The term license is good for a set period of time (eg. typically 1 year) and allows for an unlimited number of deployments during the license period. The perpetual license does not expire, but restricts the usage to a set number of concurrent users (and assumes a minimum of 10 seats).

If you would like a formal quote, provide the following information: (a) company name, (b) location of site, (c) type of site license applicable to your needs, (d) which tools you are interested in and (e) number of users that would have access to the tools or number of machines the tools would be deployed on.

   Software Maintenance Renewal

Continue to receive updates after your software maintenance expires. Renewal of Website bundle software maintenance can be purchased online. For other packages, contact us at info@tzworks.net to see if you qualify or to request a quote.

Try it before you Buy it

If you would like to try one or more of our tools before purchasing a license, you need only ask. Just send us an email at info@tzworks.net requesting which tool(s) you would like to receive a demonstration license for, along with the following business contact information: (a) Company name, (b) address, (c) phone number, and (d) email address with company domain (not a generic public one).

Using our Tools in your Curriculum

We do provide educational licenses to colleges and institutions that exclusively provide training and have an approved curriculum. These licenses are free to the students enrolled in the class and we issue them on a case-by-case basis. Since these types of licenses are issued only to the instructor/professor of the class, it is incumbent for the instructor to make the request for a license. All requests should be submitted to info@tzworks.net with the following information: (a) Institution/college name, (b) course number, (c) curriculum, (d) dates course is being offered, (e) instructor's name and email address (with college domain name in email address), and (f) whether the instructor is a full time professor or consultant.