What We do...

TZWorks Limited Liability Company is a small business specializing in developing computer forensics/monitoring technology. Our goal is to become a resource to the forensics community. We provide cutting-edge tools that either (a) simplify the investigative process, (b) provide new automated capabilities where only manual techniques were available or (c) reverse engineer a new aspect of the operating system to give new artifact analysis capabilities where none existed before. Tools can either be developed for live computer forensics or to assist in offline analysis.

The tools available on the website are for demonstrational use in accordance with the licensing agreement. Many represent more of the basic toolsets. They are used to generate feedback and provide a useful resource to the community. TZWorks LLC also specializes in more complex cyber tools that require kernel level access, monitoring of live computer activity or that incorporate specific requirements geared to a client’s needs. Contact us more details.

The company TZWorks LLC was formed in July of 2006 and is located in Herndon, Virginia.

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